Hylofit System

Hylofit System

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The Hylofit System is a heart rate monitor for horse and rider that provides real-time feedback and post-ride insights for both athletes.

With wireless hardware and an intuitive app and web platform, Hylofit provides insights into the emotional and physical state of your horse.

The wireless Hylofit equine heart rate monitor is simple to use, requires no charging, and provides data for both the performance rider and recreational rider.

Heart rate is an important indicator of fitness, training, impact and wellbeing.

Just tack up using the girth attachment on the left side of your horse.

Hylofit works with all girths.

Pair the transmitter to the Hylofit app on your phone and or to your smart watch.

Start riding and training.

Hylofit zones are based on your horse's heart rate and provide a clear indication of the cardiovascular impact of any ride.

Post ride insights on the Hylofit app.  The app can be downloaded free of charge, and has no additional membership fees after you have purchased the Hylofit system.

What do you get when you purchase a Hylofit System?

Horse girth attachment with velcro retention straps

Rider chest strap

Horse heart rate monitor

Rider heart rate monitor

Instruction Manual

Use of the Hylofit app for free to track your rides and heart rate zones