Endurance Tack SA

Endurance Tack SA - South Africa's first and leading world-class endurance and trail riding tack supplier.

Started in 2012 by Julie Viljoen with only a small number of items and grew into SA's #1 endurance riding supply store.  Now owned and run from George, Western Cape, South Africa by Korlia Schmidt, passionate Springbok endurance rider and 3* FEI title holder whom offers personalised service combined with experience and knowledge, and in addition to that, commitment and dedication to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Endurance Tack SA offers you the guarantee that each item imported and stocked by us has been tested and finely selected based on international preference by the world's top competitive riders and horses.  The products retailed by Endurance Tack SA are the very best available without any exceptions, to improve comfort and practicality for horse and rider throughout long distance rides.  All brands are long-lasting quality products that will outlast cheap imitations, ensuring you to save money in the long run.

Avoid wasting time and money on second-best alternatives and purchase the world's leading brands from Endurance Tack SA - your horse will be forever grateful!

Contact Korlia on 082 831 2404 for information on any of the products available on or to submit a special request for products that are not available within South Africa.

Thank you to all of the amazing and loyal customers for your appreciated support - Endurance Tack SA will continue to source and supply you with the world's leading brands of endurance apparel in order for you and your horse to enjoy a comfortable ride, every time.