Energex Energy Supplement for horses

Energex Energy Supplement for horses

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Energex is ideal for use before, during and following exercise to support energy delivery. It can  also be used as an energy booster in lethargic horses and to maintain blood glucose levels in situations where food intake is decreased, such as during travelling or when appetite is reduced.

Energex is a safer source of carbohydrate compared with simple sugars which can lead to adverse affects on behaviour and performance.  It is low-glycaemic, meaning it leads to a slower rate of glucose entry into the blood, avoiding high peaks and sudden drops in blood glucose levels.  This leads to a more balanced and prolonged energy supply.  Energex also supports fat oxidation during physical activity as high levels hinder the use of lipids (fats) as an energy source. Energex can increase the utilisation of fat during exercise, thus enhancing endurance performance.

Energex provided 1674 kJ per 100g


 Exercise performance in horses is almost always limited by muscle glycogen concentration.  Glycogen is formed from simple sugars linked together and is the animal equivalent of starch in plants.  Recovery in muscle glycogen after exercise is reduced if there is insufficient dietary intake of carbohydrates (sugars) or in circumstances where horses have reduced hindgut function or a reduced appetite. By  increasing the energy supply it increases performance and aids the utilisation of fat as an energy source which leads to more prolonged and balanced results.



 Energex can be used before exercise in horses lacking in energy and can also be given to horses with reduced appetite, for example during travelling or to old horses or poor doers.  It can be given in daily feed for a more consistent supply of energy or as an syringe for use between rounds, events or at the onset of fatigue.



Level 25ml (20g) scoops per day.


To boost energy:  add the required amount in feed approximately 2-4 hours before exercise.

Pony (approximately 250kg) 2

Horse (approximately 500kg) 3-4

Large Horse ( approximately 750kg) 3-4


For stamina or to aid recovery: use daily in feed up to the maximum dose:

Pony (approximately 250kg) 2-3

Horse (approximately 500kg) 2-4

Large Horse ( approximately 750kg) 2-4


Available in a 2kg tub