Burioni Weighted Endurance Saddle Pad

Burioni Weighted Endurance Saddle Pad

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Evenly distributed weighted saddle pad with excellent shock absorbsion.

The Burioni weighted saddle pad is made of TT and Sympa.

The main feature of TT material is that there is a hollow space in their structure, so that a perfect passage of air is allowed both through the material itself and mostly through the hollow space, this hollow space allows perfect skin perspiration and guarantees a very efficient natural heat insulation. A part from this, TT material has other important features:

It is HYGIENIC, their peculiar airy structure not only strongly reduces sweating, it also avoids humidity from staying inside the material, thus reducing bacteria proliferation as well. In order to obtain even better results specific antibacterial treatments can be made

It is WASHABLE, thanks to the composition of their structure, not only are they easily washable, they also dry very quickly

It is RESISTANT, thanks to their 100% PES composition

It is RECYCLABLE, feature that must be highly considered now in order to protect the environment. 

Sympa is a material that absolutely respects the environment, made with the highest Germany technology, and by using materials that are both ecological and recyclable, 100% formaldehyde free. The revolutionary superficial structure has been obtained with superior qualitative standards, by compressing Ethe material to obtain high performance. This procedure makes the product more attractive, with more brilliant colours and exceptional resistance to dirt and tearing. The optimal draining power is obtained by the special Sympa water repellent fabric. In fact, water slips away and leaves the Sympa surface perfectly dry and soft.

Main features of Sympa: 
Extremely resistant to dirt and easily cleanable and washable
Special anti-slip elastic surface
Exceptional resistance against stretching
Extraordinary colour brilliance
Exceptional draining properties
Very hygienic and comfortable.

Available in black.

Available in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg and 12kg