Burioni Fit Grip Wool Endurance Pad

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Innovative saddle pad that allows perfect contact with the horse and offers stability of the saddle.

Measurements:  Length 62cm, Width 52cm

Weight: 1,25kg


TEX TECH (TT) - Three dimensional breathable technical material in either Royal Blue, Red or Black.

GRIP - Breathable rubber based mesh that allows you to lock your saddle to the saddle pad.

DRY F - Internal cross-linked, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal padding, which allows exceptional breathability and rapid drying of the saddle pad.

MERINO WOOL FIBRE - With the following fantastic properties;

HYGROSCOPICITY: many amino acids of wool absorb water; i.e., they attract and incorporate water vapor in the structure of the fiber.  This water vapor is then expelled under drier environmental conditions.

TRANSMISSION OF WATER VAPOR (transpiration): the ability of wool to absorb the maximum quantity of humidity is exactly what is needed to maintain skin moisture at an even level. Humidity will be evaporated through the open-pored structure of the wool fabric.  In case of heavy perspiration, wool fabric (but not fibers) absorbs only a part of the liquid, which then evaporates on the skin to produce a pleasant, fresh feeling.

WATERPROOFNESS: we are faced with what might seem a paradox. While on the one hand wool is the most hydrophilic fiber that exists, thanks to the hygroscopicity we spoke of above, on the other hand it is highly waterproof thanks to the waxy, fatty material that coats the surface of the fibers. This means that wool naturally repels stains.

RESISTANCE TO DIRT: wool resists dirt for two reasons. First, it has a low level of static electricity and doesn’t attract dust. Second, it has a waterproof surface.

THERMAL INSULATION: this is provided by the air that remains trapped in the spaces between the fibers.

Available in Royal Blue, Red and Black