Equi Cool Down Leg Wraps

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Equi Cool Down textile technology uses an advanced hyper-evaporative material, which when activated will drop up to 5°C colder than the outside temperature.  Cool your horse down, minimize heat and inflammation, or erase post-injection swelling relief with Equi Cool Down's state of the art range of body wraps, leg wraps and neck wraps.

The versatile "one-size-fits-most" design uses adjustable and flexible chest and leg straps.  These allow your horse comfortable movement without the fear of the wraps falling off.  Simply spray the wraps down with water, wave it through the air to activate the air flow and the cooling process.  If your horse is already wearing them, wet the wrap with water and walk your horse around to reactivate the cooling mechanism.

Equi Cool Down wraps do not require refrigeration.  The reusable wraps can also be hand washed or machine washed.  Cool downs have never been so easy!

The revolutionary Equi Cool Down wraps will put an end to the days of continuous hosing and scraping.  To activate the cooling mechanism, simply spray with water and wave!  The wraps contain NO gel, NO beads or crystals, NO frozen inserts, NO electricity needed.  Equi Cool Down wraps gently cools effected areas, eliminating the risk of tissue damage from extreme cold.  If the wrap feels warm to the touch after a few minutes, that simply means it is working!  To reactivate the cooling the process, spray the wrap with water, warm or cold, and walk horse or flap sides to infuse air flow.  It is THAT easy.

Equi Cool Down wraps are safe to place directly on your horse.  No cover or sock is needed to keep the wrap debris free.  If it gets dirty, simply hose it down, hand-wash or even put in your washing machine with a mild detergent.  Use over and over again - Equi Cool Down wraps will still get cold!

On a trail ride not even remotely close to a hose? Trailering your horse? Any source of any temperature water will work; a pond, a well, a swimming pool – just fill a spray bottle and spray the wrap down.  Keeping the wrap wet is the key to all-day coolness.  These wraps are truly the most innovative product to hit the equine market!

Use and Care Instructions:

  • Rinse before and after each use.

  • Saturate product with any temperature water from any source (tap, pool, fountain, bottle, river, etc.) before use and squeeze out excess water.  Please note that due to their size, body wraps get very heavy and unwieldy to squeeze.  Try the mist setting of your hose to reduce the amount of excess water you need to remove.

  • Shake or wave the product to activate and place on heated body area.  Simply wave every 20-30 minutes to keep it cool.

  • If the product is drying out or totally dry, simply dip into any water source and shake or wave again.

  • Machine or hand wash separately with mild soap or detergent.  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

  • When not in use, fold while moist and place in any ziplock bag.  An Anti-Microbial bath helps prevent mold or mildew accumulating on the damp product.



Out on a trail with no easy access to a hose to cool off your horse’s legs?  No problem!  Pack a few of these Equi Cool Down Equine Leg Wraps in your saddlebag for an easy treatment of inflammation, strains, sprains or even insect bites.  Versatile “one-size-fits-most” design using an exclusive spandex/Velcro combination allows the strap to fit snugly (but not too tight) on hock joints or fetlocks.  Their unique design ensures these innovative leg wraps won’t slide down like cold compresses or ice packs rigged using traditional leg wraps!

Product dimensions:  38cm Tall x 78cm Wide with adjustable spandex-velcro straps - sold in pairs of two