EasyShoe Versa

EasyShoe Versa

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They EasyShoe Versa is a hybrid nail-on shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane and an internal steel insert.  The steel insert gives the shoe more stability in the front portion and offers a stopping point when driving nails.  The steel insert is located in the toe area and continues to the widest part of the hoof.  The positioning allows the rear portion of the the hoof the ability to flex with each footfall  and give much needed support.  The Versa offers incredible versatility for distance rides, trail horses and horses working on hard surfaces.  The wide web design also makes the Versa ideal for therapy cases.  


The EasyShoe Versa can be applied with nails, glue or casting.  The nailing slots and clear material make nail placement straight forward and are extremely beneficial for achieving an accurate installation.


Break over can easily be added to the Versa by rasping away the material needed until the desired break over is reached.


The EasyShoe Versa is very versatile in that the hoof shape is traced on the shoe and the excess material is cut or sanded away for an exact fit.  The Versa can be narrowed with a hammer or opened with a shoe spreader.  There are only 4mm difference between different shoe sizes which makes urethane removal quick and easy.  The goal is to fit each hoof with little to no modification required.


The Versa offers exceptional wear and can be reset more than once, depending on the surface that the horse is trained and ridden on.


The Versa is available in front or hind patterns.  See measurement chart for sizing.  The hoof should be measured after a fresh trim over the widest part of the hoof, a shoe slightly larger than the actual widest measurement would be the ideal size.


Sold in pairs of two.