Burioni Tora Bora Endurance Saddle Pad

Burioni Tora Bora Endurance Saddle Pad

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This saddle pad consists of:

Tex Tech - Three dimensional, breathable, highly resistant fabric

Wool & TT - The top half of the pad is manufactured with a mixture of merino wool and TT fibres.  The TT material has a hollow space in their structure, so that a perfect passage of air is allowed through the material itself and mostly through the hollow space.  This hollow space allows perfect skin perspiration and guarantees a very efficient natural heat insulation.  Together with the benefits of pure merino wool this is a perfect material.

Sympa - Honeycomb pattern, completely perforated, breathable, resistant and manufactured in Italy

Dry F - Quilted polyester netting manufactured in Italy:  Antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisture wicking.  The saddle dries quickly and keeps the back of the horse ventilated and less damp.

Available in black, royal blue and red.