ComfortMix Hoof Repair

ComfortMix Hoof Repair

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The ComfortMix hoof repair formulation has been developed specifically for hoof reconstruction and repair. 

  • Perfect for use with the Easyboot glue on.
  • Special adhesive designed for large and small hoof wall repairs and to bond any kind of shoe to the hoof.
  • Adheres directly to a clean, dry, hoof wall.
  • Sets in 1 minute and hardens within 5, whilst still maintaining the necessary flexibility to ensure natural hoof movement.
  • Please ensure the product is at room temperature on application.
  • All cartridges feature a unique, easy opening and closing system to allow for multiple use of one cartridge with no need to cut.
  • A patented, mixed interface with separate outlets avoids cross contamination of product.
  • A leak-free connection ensures the product remains safe and clean.
  • A larger cartridge size of 200ml represents great value.